Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Natural fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides

More and more manufacturers are bringing alternative products to the marketplace. Fertilizers with seaweed and hen manure or lawn applications with corn gluten to inhibit weed growth are all on the rise.
Reclaiming unwanted land for ornamental gardens
Amid shrinking government coffers and few willing to take up their cause, gardens in public spaces are often left to languish. But there are signs that this is shifting. With the help of passionate advocates and funded with the help of a business plan that promised profitability, New York's impressive new promenade, called the High Line, opened in 2009 (and is being extended in 2011) on an abandoned railroad platform three metres above the streets in west Manhattan. Read about its history and be inspired at
Green/living roofs and walls
Green roof technology has actually been around in Canada for many years, but it has only recently been catching on for residential applications. There are certain important considerations (i.e.. roof pitch, load-bearing capacity and maintenance provisions) but there are many energy, ecological and beautifying benefits. An indoor green wall was recently unveiled at Minto Place in downtown Ottawa and there is an outdoor living wall at the Vancouver airport.
Creating, managing backyard ecosystems
We are increasingly resisting sanitizing our gardens. The result is that the vibrant cycle of life encompassing good and bad bugs, disease, visiting creatures and unpredictable weather is teaching us valuable lessons about backyard ecology and life.
Community gardens sprouting up everywhere
Did you know that there are 25 community gardens in Ottawa, with the largest of these boasting 355 plots? That's one city. There are more all over the country from Victoria to Victoriaville and beyond.
Biodegradable, reusable gardening products
We're thinking twice before tossing things, choosing rather to reuse, repurpose, buy quality or return our efforts naturally to the earth.

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