Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Introduction to Landscape Design"

"Students will work on their own individual design," O'Neil said, "and also walk around from student to student to learn what they are doing."

The typical walkway that often is found leading to new homes is an example of a project that some students have tackled in class, O'Neil noted.

These walkways are usually narrow, wide enough for only one person, and often start at the end of the driveway up by side of the house.

"You have to go all the way up the driveway to get to the walk," O'Neil said. "That's not much curb appeal."

Suggestions to make the walk more welcoming could include giving the walk a wider width so two people can walk side by side, O'Neil said, and maybe starting the walk halfway down the driveway.

"Plant a bed full of interesting plants or maybe shade trees along the walkway," he added.

O'Neil said he will review landscape design principles - ways to give the garden shape and form. He will discuss plants in general, such as color and form.

"Not specific plants," he explained, "but what plants can do. "Many want to think of plants first, but you have to think of design first."

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